How to choose the right shoes for volleyball?

Shoes play an important role in movement on the court, especially in gamelike volleyball. where do you keep moving sides? You will need to have a grip on the court while bending to handle a serve. Sometimes the floor becomes slippery with sweat from the players.

when we don’t play any sports it is a general practice to use the same kind of shoes for all outdoor activities but when you aspire to be a professional sportsperson, it is always recommended to have a specific pair of shoes for your kind of sport.

with advancements in shoe technology, companies have begun to make sport-specific shoes that can massively protect you from losing grip on the field and increase your comfort levels and your confidence.

for volleyball shoes have been specifically designed to help you with power jumps. There are shoes designed with the attacker in mind.

shoes vary between rubber sole and Polyurethane. polyurethane soles have been observed to be long-lasting compared to rubber soles.