How to feel Calm Before and During Volleyball Games

Fear of failure is one of the most often quoted reasons to stay away from doing what we love to do. It is the same reason that keeps volleyball players from performing at their best on the volleyball court. It happens not only to amateurs or beginners who are starting to play adult volleyball but also happens to the best of the players in history. It all depends on how we bounce back and hit back at anxiety and fear of failure. Volleyball players spend time learning and practicing for many hours on and off the court, training in the gym. After all those training hours anxiety can pull us down to our lowest selves. Staying calm and focusing on the game is the key to peak performance. Selectors also always look for players who can perform in stressful situations, that’s what truly makes you a champion on the court.

Tips to Stay Calm on the volleyball Court

1. Practise Yoga and meditation has proven to calm down our stress levels and anxiety levels and stay deeply focussed on the games. Meditation also helps to keep our emotions in control during stressful times on the court.

2. Visulaising your game before you play can also help you keep calm and enhance your performance. this technique is often used by some of the world’s best performing athletes. They just visualize themselves winning the race or getting that much-needed point or they visualising themselves on the court with tranquility and calmness.

3. Avoid having foods that can increase blood sugar levels or increase your Blood pressure levels. An increase in blood pressure levels has been associated with a disturbed mind and lack of focus leading to bad decisions on the court.

4. Understand that Volleyball is a team game and the responsibility of winning the game is equally distributed to each player.