Why we all love playing Volleyball?

There are several reasons why more young players are joining Volleyball.

It teaches valuable life lessons like being a  team player, communication skills, coordination,   which go onto help you in the long run in your career.   Volleyball is a combination of speed, power and agility. It does not requires a ton of physical wear and tear. Volley ball enjoys a huge fanbase all over the world.  Volleyball games are exciting indoor events  with lot of sports loving people together. It is played in indoor stadiums which are climate controlled. Volleyball promotes a healthy lifestyle from a young age and helps people keep fit and healthy. It is probably one of few sports which does not require you to run .

Volleyball does not requires a large stadium to play, Can be a played in the backyard with your family and friends or your front garden. Game is fast moving and is interesting for spectator either the live audience or on TV.

Volleyball is played both indoors and on the beach. Both are 2 different games but require similar skill sets.

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